Sizing Of Vacuum Pump For Your Process

Vacuum is probably the most critical aspect of the process, yet normally most people go by the general thumb rule that the bigger the vessel / equipment volume, bigger the vacuum pump required.

Thus, most people end up purchasing much a bigger size of pump (to be on the safe side ) than actually required (much to the manufactures delight ) . As the onus of selection is on the purchaser / client .

The scientific way is to understand the function of the pump w. r. t. the process. The function of a vacuum pump in chemical process is :

• It evacuates the equipment : For this one needs to know the volume of vessel & the charge of material.
• It handles any air leakages in the equipment : For this one needs to know the Vacuum drop in mm Hg/hr.
• It handles non condensables : For this one needs to know the rate of non condensables to be handled by the pump in kg/hr.

If the above data is accurately given, then sizing of the vacuum pump can be done perfectly thus ensuring that the process time & temperature is down to a minimum and the vacuum and product quality is optimum.

We, at PATKAR VACUULAB take the onus of pump selection / sizing on ourselves thus reducing the chances of oversizing or under sizing the pump w.r.t. your process.

You can send us your details by filling in the enquiry form and we will send you the questionnaire for your process details.