What Are OTLTM ( Once Thru Lubricated ) Vacuum Pumps ???

OTL. Pumps are single stage or double stage rotary sliding vane type designed to eliminate all problems associated with conventional vacuum systems.

A small amount of fresh oil is continuously injected in the internals for lubrication and sealing by an independent force feed oil pump. This oil is discharged from the exhaust of the pump along with process vapors /non condensables. Since fresh oil is continuously injected and contaminated oil is continuously discharged with the vapors, there is absolutely no drop in vacuum through out the process. This will result in lowered operating temperatures and substantially reduced batch durations. The oil consumption varies from 220 ml/hour to 320 ml/hour depending on the model / capacity of the pump.

A RADIATOR COOLING ARRANGEMENT ensures that the pump maintains a suitable high operating temperature. This in turn ensures that the vapors enter and exit in vapor form and do not condense in the internals thus eliminating corrosion and the resultant maintenance.

VITON OIL SEALS are provided for long life. HEAT TREATED PHENOLIC FIBER VANES are proven to withstand vapors like methanol, EDC, MDC, toluene, Xylene, Benzene, hexane etc. these also ensure that there is minimum wear on the stator bore. The design of the pump ensures that vanes / bearings can be replaced in a short time without disturbing the motors or process pipe lines or electricals .

In other words the OTL series High Vacuum pumps will achieve and maintain consistent High vacuum through out the process duration in spite of handling vapors / non condensables. These pumps are capable of handling ACIDIC/ CORROSIVE vapors due to that fact that because of high operating temperatures they do not allow the vapors to condense in the internals.
The maintenance crew will find it extremely easy to do the routine maintenance jobs.