About Us

Late Mr. Madhukar D. Patkar was the joint managing director of Acmevac Pumps & Engineering Pvt. Ltd (Estd. 1964).
Today his unit is one of the best the country for its vacuum pumps.
The pumps are accepted as original equipment for most of the printing and packaging machines as also for various applications in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.
With a view to develop new products. Mr. Patkar established M/S PATKAR VACUULAB In 1997 as a design and development center. This led to the emergence of the new OTL (ONCE THROUGH LUBRICATED) series of high Vacuum Pumps.

PATKAR VACUULAB has developed the OTL high Vacuum Pumps as low cost substitute for system jet ejector / boiler system. This was a new concept in India earlier, but now is widely used by most Chemical and Pharmaceutical manufacturers all over the country.
These pumps have been indigenously developed and manufactured in India for the first time. Their design and development offer a unique solution to inherent problems associated with conventional Vacuum sources like oil contamination and subsequent Vacuum drop leading to increased process time and temperatures and product degrading.

OTL pumps appears to be the answer to problems like internal corrosion of the vacuum source, pollution of the environment, etc. besides effecting significant energy saving.
With over 3000 successful installations all over India. OTL Pumps are slowly but surely replacing conventional vacuum pumps / systems that earlier were the only option for the chemical process industry.

Currently the company is headed by Mr. VIKRAM M. PATKAR